Succes of the Networking Meeting organized by LIFE WIRE, AQUATIK and aWARE

About 40 people attended last November 27th to the Networking meeting organized by the LIFE+ projects: AQUATIK, aWARE and LIFE WIRE at Can Serra’s installations, in Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona).

The conference was divided into different parts. In an initial session, projects related to monitoring and control parameters were presented; in a second part, projects about treatment and reuse systems; finally, a round table in which each participant and speaker could exchange experiences, knowledge and key points that are working.

Below are listed the projects presented.

In monitoring and control parameters:

- BIOMOMI ( (pdf)

- AQUATIK ( (pdf)

- DEMAGUA (pdf)

- SANEPLAN ( (pdf)

- ROEM + ( (pdf)

In treatment and reuse systems:

- LIFE ADNATUR ( (pdf)

- aWARE ( (pdf)

- LIFE WIRE ( (pdf)

- WATERREUSE ( (pdf)

- LIFE DYES4EVER ( (pdf)

- DEMOWARE ( (pdf)

After the conference, participants were able to visit the WWTP of Sant Feliu de Llobregat, as well as the WWTP Prat de Llobregat, and see firsthand the pilots of the AQUATIK and aWARE projects, respectively.

AQUATIK, aWARE and LIFE WIRE  projects are financed by the LIFE+ program  of the European Commission and are coordinated by CETaqua, which is a private non-profit foundation that integrates, manages and executes research projects with the aim of proposing innovative solutions to companies, governments and society in the area of the integral water cycle.

You can find the photos from the event in this gallery.

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