Students of the Postgraduate of Aqualogy visit the WWTP of El Prat

Students of the Postgraduate Degree in Water Treatment Plant Management and Operation of Aqualogy attended, last February 20th, a guided tour of the WWTP of El Prat de Llobregat.

During the visit, the students learned about the El Prat water works, one of the largest and most modern wastewater treatment plant in Europe, visiting various unitary processes as well as the water reclamation stage and the prototype of the aWARE LIFE + Project.

LIFE aWARE’s project, led by Cetaqua, is also a project like LIFE+ WIRE about water treatment and reuse systems.  The WWTP of El Prat is where the prototype of LIFE + WIRE’s project is planned to be installed too.

The Postgraduate Degree of Aqualogy aims to respond to the challenges and needs of water treatment as well as providing knowledge to operate water treatment facilities and alternative resources, analyzing the latest technology for the production of drinking water, purification and the management of alternative resources.



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