Boosting reuse in the integral water cycle: a two days conference within the framework of the LIFE WIRE and LIFE aWare projects

Due to the constantly increasing population and the water scarcity, water reuse is considered a key resource for a sustainable water management. Reclaimed water can be used in agriculture and industries for example, which would reduce the use of conventional water resources.

Cetaqua and Aigües of Barcelona organized on November 9th and 10th the event “Boosting reuse in the integral water cycle”, aimed at sharing different experiences in the field of water reuse.

The conference organized within the framework of the two European projects LIFE aWARE and LIFE WIRE, attracted more than 50 attendees from public entities, technological centers and companies. During the two days event different entities such as Aigües de Barcelona, Consorci de la Costa Brava, Aguas de Alicante, CASSA and CANARAGUA compared their goals, challenges and barriers in water reuse. Petició: Aira Buskute

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