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    Layman’s Report and the final video of LIFE WIRE are already available

    Since the LIFE WIRE project has been completed in March 2017, one of the latest tasks consisted in preparing project summary and presenting it in an attractive and easy to understand way. To meet this goal, it was decided to …

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    The LIFE WIRE presents After LIFE Communication Plan

    The main aim of After LIFE communication Plan is to ensure the continuity of communication and dissemination activities once the project is finished in order to guarantee the impact of the project in the future. In concrete, the LIFE WIRE …

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    Final workshop of the LIFE WIRE project “Challenges of water reuse in industries: from research to implementation”

    Water scarcity is an ever-growing reality and for this reason development of sustainable water strategies is no longer an option, but a necessity. Water reuse is a key strategy of water resources management. The use of regenerated water could reduce …

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Objectives and expected results

The main objectives of LIFE WIRE project are:

  • To demonstrate which technological configuration/s between UF, CNM and RO are technically and economically viable to polish reclaimed urban wastewater and efficiently reuse it in major industrial sectors
  • To optimise UF, CNM and RO operation within each configuration tested in terms of energy and chemicals’ consumption as well as by-products generated
  • To evaluate from a technical and economic point of view the use of conventional water resources against the adoption of reclaimed urban water in industries
  • To identify which management strategies need to be implemented in municipal WWRPs for assuring quality and demand of water supplied to industries
  • To disseminate the project results and transfer the knowledge gained, to identify potential end users and WWRP in other EU areas in which urban water could be reclaimed and reused for industrial purposes.

The main expected results of LIFE WIRE project are:

  • Main environmental target is the percentage of reclaimed wastewater reused in order to reduce the demand of drinking water and groundwater in industries. Maximum reduction in conventional water resources set for industrial partners of the LIFE WIRE project ranges between 80 and 100% of their total water consumption.
  • Establishment of most appropriate treatment schemes to be applied depending on the different water quality grades required in an industrial process (reclaimed fir-for-use water).
  • Evaluation of CNM as pre-treatment of RO and synergic interaction between UF and CNM in terms of improvement of hydraulic performance and treatment efficiency water quality.
  • Identification of the optimal operational and cleaning strategies of each treatment scheme, leading to an economic and environmentally scenario with of low footprint, high reliability, high robustness and flexibility, as well as reduced energy and chemicals’ consumption and waste by products generated. Quantification of the economic and environmental benefits of the treatment schemes proposed.
  • Definition the adaptation needed for the industrial processes themselves or and in the protocols and practices adopted to guarantee correct operation when adopting urban reclaimed water as alternative water source within industries
  • Demonstration of the feasibility of urban reclaimed wastewater usage in industries for several applications and sectors. Reduction of the demand of drinking water or groundwater in industrial processes, alleviating high quality grade water for other uses.
  • Identification of the main technical and economic motivations and constraints for adopting reclaimed urban water in industries.
  • Establishment of Smart operational strategies in a WWRP to fulfil industrial demands, in an integrated water management approach.
  • Collaboration to the achievement of EU challenges in the water sector, through i) policy making, ii) technical solutions, iii) management solutions, iv) social responsibility
  • Fostering water reuse initiatives, through dissemination of project’s results and knowledge transfer to industrial end users and WWRP identified through the project.


 Scheme of Life Wire Project

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