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    Layman’s Report and the final video of LIFE WIRE are already available

    Since the LIFE WIRE project has been completed in March 2017, one of the latest tasks consisted in preparing project summary and presenting it in an attractive and easy to understand way. To meet this goal, it was decided to …

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    The LIFE WIRE presents After LIFE Communication Plan

    The main aim of After LIFE communication Plan is to ensure the continuity of communication and dissemination activities once the project is finished in order to guarantee the impact of the project in the future. In concrete, the LIFE WIRE …

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    Final workshop of the LIFE WIRE project “Challenges of water reuse in industries: from research to implementation”

    Water scarcity is an ever-growing reality and for this reason development of sustainable water strategies is no longer an option, but a necessity. Water reuse is a key strategy of water resources management. The use of regenerated water could reduce …

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Water is an essential resource. The increase in population, concentrated mostly in urban areas, means it must be managed efficiently.

The application of intelligent solutions is now a necessity. Suez meets this challenge. Suez offers development that improves water management efficiency and optimizes the use of natural resources.

Suez is an extensive catalogue of innovative, flexible, and comprehensive solutions that are easily adapted to any socioeconomic context and costumer. Suez is intelligent water management. It is the answer to any technological need related to water.



The Aena Group is a group of companies devoted to airport management and the provision of air navigation services.

Through AenaAeropuertos S.A. (100% of company equity is owned by Aena) it manages 46 airports and 2 heliports in Spain and participates directly and indirectly in the management of 24 more airports around the world. It is the world’s leading airport operator in terms of passenger numbers, handling more than 200 million.

It provides air navigation services through the Aena publicly owned company. Aena is the fourth largest provider of air navigation services in Europe and plays a leading, active role in all European Union projects relating to the introduction of the Single European Sky.


Comunitat d’ Usuaris d’Aigües del Delta del Llobregat(CUADLL) is a community of water users under the Spanish law that encompasses more than 1000 private users of diverse nature (agricultural, industry and public supply). The main objective of the CUADLL is to solve problems related to the overexploitation, contamination and saltwater intrusion affecting surface and groundwater located at the Llobregat Delta. Main end users belonging to the CUADLL are private companies involved in the water, industrial and agricultural sector and local authorities (municipal town hall).



Asociación Española de Reutilización Sostenible del Agua(ASERSA) is an association mainly devoted to the promotion of sustainable water resources use through sustainable water reuse. It contributes to push forward scientific knowledge in reclamation and reuse fields, as well as its dissemination among technical and non-technical media.




Asociación de Industrias de Acabados de Superficies(AIAS) headquartered in Sabadell (Barcelona), is an organization that brings together surface treatments companies from all over Spain. AIAS was established with the intention to work and fight for the development and improvement of the sector. AIAS functions are multiple and are intended primarily to inform and advice all partners that may be of interest to companies. AIAS is integrated into the CEAM (Centre for Metallurgical Research and Advisory) and the European Committee for Surface Treatment (CETS).

Industries from Barcelona area of different fields may be interested in the project results: machinery (Roca), automotive (Seat), chloro-alkali and chemistry (Solvay and SEDA), transports (AENA), among others.




Agència d’Innovació Industrial i Coneixement del Baix Llobregat (Innobaix), driven by the mayors Council of BaixLlobregat, aims at leading the transformation of the region and its model through innovation, knowledge and entrepreneurship. The association, a combination of institutional partners and industrial partners, aims at creating collaborative networks, research programs; at promoting innovation processes between companies, universities and research centres.. Nowadays, Innobaix has over 90 partners.


SEAT, S.A. is a Spanish automotive company founded in 1950 under the name of Spanish Society of Tourist Cars. SEAT is positioned in the market a as a brand with young profile and produces cars that deliver the thrilling combination of superior engineering and pure enjoyment. 



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