LIFE WIRE’s prototype has been successfully commissioned at the Baix Llobregat WWTP

The LIFE WIRE’s prototype has been  installed and has been successfully commissioned at the WWTP of Baix Llobregat (El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona).

The prototype is currently treating the water produced by the tertiary treatment of the WWRP through a combination of ultrafiltration, adsorption with nano-structured activated carbon and reverse osmosis. The aim of the operation is to simulate the case where regenerated water with basic quality ( suitable for industrial use according to the Spanish RD1620/2007)  is sent to the industries so that they polish its quality in their own satellite treatment to meet their requirements.

During the operation period, each processing unit of the prototype will be closely monitored to quantify their water yield as well as its energy and reagents consumption. Periodically, physico-chemical and microbiological analysis of the different streams (conducted by AMB) will be carried out to determine the water quality and variability over time.

After the characterization of the prototype performance, three companies involved in the project (TACSA, ECOIMSA and ARCHROMA) will define the different points where the water produced could be reused in their industries. A scale-up projection of the treatment system, based on the results of the prototype, will be conducted to determine the associated CAPEX and OPEX. Finally, the amount of conventional water resources that would be saved thanks to the water reuse in the production process will be quantified.

 The results obtained will be easily extrapolated and, therefore, will serve as a demonstration experience for those industries that are considering the use of reclaimed water in their processes. Therefore, Aigües de Barcelona will carry out a study to define the operational strategies of the WWRP to satisfy the potential demand at medium and long term.

The prototype is expected to operate for the next year and a half (until March 2017), allowing a long-term evaluation of results.  The objective of the prototype operation is to optimize its performance in the different treatment schemes studied, obtaining a complete technical and economic evaluation.IMG_1610

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