LIFE WIRE presented to the leading experts of R+D+ in urban water management in Spain

LIFE WIRE project was presented in the ‘Vanguards in Science and Technology Innovation in Water Management’ event, organized by the Spanish Association of Water Supply and Sanitation (AEAS) on 21st and 22nd of September, in Madrid.

Under the title “Boosting water reuse in BCN through demonstration projects”, Sandra Casas, from Cetaqua and Project manager of the project, explained that the goal of LIFE WIRE is to promote the industrial reuse of reclaimed water, which is minor use nowadays but presents a greater growth potential. Accordingly, she insisted that the project is studying the treatment feasibility of different technology configurations based on ultrafiltration systems (UF), Carbon Nanostructured material (CNM) and reverse osmosis (RO) for the reuse of reclaimed water in industries.

In the event, other two projects led by Cetaqua and focused on integrated demonstration of reuse in the Barcelona area were exposed: LIFE aWARE and ReuseTIC.

The presentation of the projects was conducted on the first session of the event, focused on the updating of the current research taking place in technology centers and universities.

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