Layman’s Report and the final video of LIFE WIRE are already available

Since the LIFE WIRE project has been completed in March 2017, one of the latest tasks consisted in preparing project summary and presenting it in an attractive and easy to understand way. To meet this goal, it was decided to opt for two formats: on the one hand, a printed magazine, in the framework of Life Programme also known as Layman’s Report, was released and, on the other hand, a representative video was recorded.

Regarding to the Layman’s Report, this bilingual document in English and Spanish presents the context in which the LIFE WIRE project was born, reviews the technological combinations validated during the lifetime of the project and sets out the final results. You can download the pdf file here.


Speaking about the video, it represents a global project’s perspective since all the project partners were invited to form part of it. In this 7-minute video each partner shares his/her thoughts on the experience of participating in LIFE WIRE and reviews the potential benefits of the project. The video was uploaded to the Youtube channel of Cetaqua and is available in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Catalan



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