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    Layman’s Report and the final video of LIFE WIRE are already available

    Since the LIFE WIRE project has been completed in March 2017, one of the latest tasks consisted in preparing project summary and presenting it in an attractive and easy to understand way. To meet this goal, it was decided to …

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    The LIFE WIRE presents After LIFE Communication Plan

    The main aim of After LIFE communication Plan is to ensure the continuity of communication and dissemination activities once the project is finished in order to guarantee the impact of the project in the future. In concrete, the LIFE WIRE …

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    Final workshop of the LIFE WIRE project “Challenges of water reuse in industries: from research to implementation”

    Water scarcity is an ever-growing reality and for this reason development of sustainable water strategies is no longer an option, but a necessity. Water reuse is a key strategy of water resources management. The use of regenerated water could reduce …

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Water reuse

From a legislative point of view, one of the purposes of the Water Framework Directive (Directive 2000/60/EC, updated in 2008/105/EU) is to promote sustainable use based on a long-term protection of available resources, ensuring its good ecological status. Reuse will undoubtedly contribute to maintain this balance, as well as the possibility to increase water flow of surface water bodies. Similarly, the definition of treatment processes consuming less chemicals and energy as well as producing less waste but maintaining/improving final water quality, will contribute to the Millennium Development Goals, in particular in ensuring environmental sustainability.

In the researchprogrammes, water reuse will contribute to industrial leadership, one of the objectives of Horizon 2020 (new funding programme), reinforcing Europe’s competitiveness, saving costs in industrial processes, allowing Europe’s economic growth.

Moreover, the LIFE WIRE project would indirectly contribute to the following actions favored by LIFE+:

  • Diffusion and implementation of technologies and practices for decreasing water abstraction, consumption and increasing reuse of water.
  • Tools for tapping non-conventional water resources (such as water reuse, aquifer recharge, rainwater harvesting, marine freshwater streams).
  • Development of innovative urban wastewater treatment systems.
  • Development of innovative and cost-effective technologies for the improvement of the quality of drinking water.

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